Pictures of Josef Tali

If not mention, all arts are thickly oil painted on canvas.
In archives you can see sold arts that could be reproduced close to the original.
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Josef Tali

Josef Tali was born in 1960 in Vinogradov, a small picturesque town in Ukraine on the Hungarian border.
In his childhood with the help of his first teacher, P.P. Kotsan, he started to paint watercolors which where his first nature study.
In 1987 he started his education in Academy as an external student at the studio supervised by academician A.A. Mylnikov - the very reputable professor of painting.
As a student J. Tali did researches into traditional methods established by old painters reading and painting copies of masters' pictures in the Hermitage. Working at his diploma canvas he sculptured clay models to examine the form, space, light, perspective, composition of his future picture. This tradition descends from Michelangelo, Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto, Nicolas Poussin. His diploma work "Feet washing" got the praise at the Academy council. The subject is taken from The New Testament.
Later he became increasingly interested in Modern and painted in the style of Gustave Klimt.
In every picture he follows the principle of a gold section, diagonal and active zones. One of the important aspects of his classical approach is the imprimatur technique that Rubens would use. Having worked in France, J. Tali changed the color range of his palette sine that light colors are at the core of his vision.
His pictures were exhibited in France, in the Christian Plassart gallery, in Duran's gallery in Madrid, John Nikolson gallery in London, River gallery in Chattanooga (Alabama, USA), galleries at Saint-Francisco and New York. As a member of the Association of artists he takes part in the exhibitions annually held by the Association and the Academy.

After rain In the garden Sunny day
After rain In the garden Sunny day
Lilac with bonnet Violinist By the gulf. Petergof
Lilac with bonnet Violinist By the gulf. Petergof
midday Before_going_out On the stage
Midday Before going out On the stage
Grandson of condutor Temirkanov peonies lillacs on the white
Grandson of condutor Temirkanov Peonies Lillacs on the white
Winter midday red horse rick in winter day
Winter midday Red horse Rick in winter day
Msta river village on the courtyard
Msta river Village On the courtyard
firewoods russian village winter road
Firewoods Russian village Winter road
peasant Olechka Nataly
Peasant Olechka Nataly
still life childish world of Pushkin artist and model
Still life Childish world of Pushkin Artist and model
evening. Karelia Ukko Guba. Karelia before the rain. Karelia
Evening. Karelia Ukko Guba.Karelia Before the rain. Karelia
abandoned village Jasmin Paris
Abandoned village Jasmin Paris
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